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  • RuffnTumble  2 months ago

    GG Noobs, it's been a pleasure.

  • Annoying Furbal  2 months ago

    Yea, it's been a while...

  • JOXER{BE}  2 months ago

    We should have a game together, for old times sake ,need to see if my pc is still working

  • Satan  2 months ago

    Hello Noobies I'm afraid we have finally run our coughers dry, we have just paid for the website for 1 more year till Feb 2024. The DODS server due today £178.08p will be terminated by our host when not paid. FURHUD will extract the game files encase of a resurrection in the future. Should anyone want to keep us going you can use this link: DONATE

  • lordgunner  3 months ago

    hey spanish punk yahoo_peace_sign

  • Satan  3 months ago

    EdGaR! yahoo_big_hug

  • EdGaR  3 months ago

    Hello guysssss yahoo_oh_go_on

  • NORN[DK]  4 months ago

    Happy new year N00BS
    any one still playing DOD ?

  • Satan  4 months ago

    Happy New Year Noobs! yahoo_devil

    Thank you 4HUD for resurecting the website! yahoo_not_worthy

  • RuffnTumble  4 months ago

    Happy new year noobs

  • Linux Dude  4 months ago

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  • JOXER{BE}  4 months ago

    Happy 2023 yahoo_cowboy yahoo_cowboy

  • 4HUD  4 months ago

    Don’t wait too long before you return or we might die from boredom, age, covid, russian missfire, nuclear holocaust, global warming, deep freeze tsunamis, sun going nova, cancer, drunken drivers or something else…

  • LordofEverythin  5 months ago

    Good to see some of you are still around and that things are getting updated. I'll be back one day to kill you all.

  • Bumper  5 months ago

    in teamspeak krijg ik steeds error
    het wachtwoord was toch noobs?
    groeten Bumpeer

  • JOXER{BE}  5 months ago

    Merry Christmas for all my noobies and gaming friends
    yahoo_love_struck yahoo_love_struck yahoo_love_struck

  • Bumper  5 months ago

    hello smokings de beste wensen voor 2022

  • Bumper  5 months ago

    hello best

  • lordgunner  5 months ago


  • Damron  5 months ago

    Thanks 4HUD. Love what you've done with the place! yahoo_big_grin

  • JOXER{BE}  5 months ago

    [dancing] yahoo_peace_sign yahoo_not_worthy

  • 4HUD  5 months ago

    It’s mobile now, watching and sending from my phone yahoo_winking

  • JOXER{BE}  5 months ago

    Its abit of a change, we get used to it 4HUD, thanks for doing a great job , as always

  • 4HUD  5 months ago

    Website CMS upgraded to latest version, but unfortunately every theme is crap and thus a lot of work needs to happen.

  • IKILLYOU  5 months ago

    Hello everyone just know I am still here and missing everyone of you! If you need someone to talk to I will always be here!


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